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Meet your teacher. Practice spoken Italian. Discover the real Tuscany.

Easy Italian Online @ All Right Reserved 2023 Sito web realizzato da Flazio  Experience ​

Numero Partita Iva: 16192751002

Easy Italian Online @ All Right Reserved 2023 Sito web realizzato da Flazio  Experience ​

Numero Partita Iva: 16192751002

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Traditional classroom lessons aren't your thing? Want to complement your online training with a hands-on learning experience? Looking for conversation opportunities with Italian speakers while enjoying the Bella Vita?


Join this special Tuscany-based course (Pisa, Lucca, Versilia) and put into practice your language skills in authentic real-life situations. You will improve your Italian fluency and accuracy while shopping at the greengrocer's, asking for information, visiting a museum or sipping an aperitivo.

Course details

After an online video call to understand your level and needs, we will tailor the program and the duration of the course.


To practice the Italian language in day-to-day life, sessions will take place in outdoor settings such as the city center or nearby in charming Tuscany (Pisa, Lucca, Versilia) or at the student's place. During the lessons, led by me, Valeria, or Ilaria, you will always be monitored and assisted in the interactions.


Some examples of situations we may encounter include:


● ordering in a caffè or in a restaurant
● visiting a museum
● shopping at local stores
● taking part in a cultural event (cinema, theater, Carneval etc.)
● tasting the regional specialties
● discovering local artisanal products in markets or at the point of
● enjoying excursions off the beaten track.




Why a face-to-face program on an online courses website?

We know from personal experience that being surrounded by the language and speaking with locals are terrific opportunities to level up communication skills. We are qualified Italian tutors with more than 20 years of experience combined who love teaching, traveling and connecting with new people. These are the reasons why we would love to meet you in person and complement your online training with a pleasant, genuine and engaging learning program.

Easy Italian Online test

As a result of the program you can expect to:

  • use the language spontaneously in everyday contexts,
  • make requests or give opinions,
  • master the vocabulary needed to speak confidently,
  • receive feedback on pronunciation and fluency,
  • understand how locals speak,
  • know more about Italian cultural aspects (language, habits and culture),
  • enjoy your Italian stay

Prices starting from 90€ (3 hours)

What’s included

Not included

  • First chat (online)
  • 3 hours of personalized tuition
  • Plenty of opportunities for conversation
  • Attendance certificate material


  • Entrance tickets (museums, cinema, etc)
  • Public transport costs
  • Extra Costs. There is the possibility to have refreshments including breakfast, lunch, aperitif and dinner with the teacher
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