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Easy Italian Online @ All Right Reserved 2023 Sito web realizzato da Flazio  Experience ​

Numero Partita Iva: 16192751002

Easy Italian Online @ All Right Reserved 2023 Sito web realizzato da Flazio  Experience ​

Numero Partita Iva: 16192751002

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Need to improve your business Italian for a new job or project? Need an online program to help you with employment applications?


Join our One-to-One Business Course to learn or enhance your Italian without leaving the comfort of your home or office. We will give you a skill set to support you in various job-related scenarios such as presentations, interviews, meetings, negotiations, and networking events.

Course details

After a first chat to understand your needs and goals, we’ll assess your starting level with a test that uses the CEFR (Common European Frame of Reference for Languages) standard.

Lessons will help you become effective at communicating in your business area. We will work on grammar, vocabulary, as well as reading, writing, speaking and listening skills useful in an office or other professional environments.

The course is personalised and based on an interactive method: thanks to shared screens and digital tools you will be able to develop specific language proficiency and receive real time feedback. We know that professionals and executives may have hectic schedules and no time to attend standard face-to-face classes. That’s why individual online tuition is the best solution if you need a full immersion and an efficient way to boost your language skills. Small group courses are available upon request.

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As a result of the program you can expect to:


  • write accurate CVs or business emails,
  • talking on the phone with more confidence,
  • take part in executive meetings and discussions,
  • communicate more fluently,
  • negotiate effectively,
  • have a greater understanding of Italian grammar.


Prices starting from 35€ per hour

What’s included

General info

  • Individual tuition 
  • Material
  • Personal study plan
  • Final report at the end of each lesson
  • Attendance certificate
  • End-of-course report 


  • Lessons per week: minimum 1 
  • Lesson duration: 55 minutes 
  • Levels: A0 - C1 
  • Classes: via Skype or Zoom
  • Time zone: Rome (Italy)
  • Adults and Mature learners
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